19th December 2019

Why is My Heating Bill So High?

Do you have your heating on more this year?

Your heating costs may simply be higher because you are using it more. Maybe you’ve been feeling the cold more this year or you’ve been spending more time at home? If you’ve been finding yourself choosing more nights in on the sofa over nights out, or perhaps you’ve been given more flexibility to work from home – then you’ll probably been switching the heating on without giving it much extra thought.

Changes in the weather

When its colder outside your heating system will have to work harder to keep your home cosy.

Has your meter been read recently?

Check your bill to see if you have been charged based on estimated usage or accurate meter readings. If you’ve been charged based on estimated usage and it varies greatly from your actual usage get in touch with your energy provider.

Fuel prices have gone up

Often the energy providers will announce price increases – this will have a direct affect on your bill. Check the recent news for your energy provider to see if there has been a recent announcement.

You’re paying too much

It’s worth checking you are on the most competitive tariff around – it’s much easier than you might think to change deal or provider and could save you up to £300 per year.

How are you heating your home?

Heating your home with electric heaters is the most expensive way to keep warm – costing around 3 times as much as heating your home with gas. If your boiler is inefficient and out of date this can also rack up costs. Modern gas condensing boilers are the best way to heat your home.

Check your thermostat

Does your home get uncomfortably hot if you leave the heating on too long? According to the Energy Saving Trust, turning down the thermostat by just one degree can save the typical home around £75 a year and you’ll probably not notice the difference in terms of warmth. 18- 20°C should be comfortable.

Is your home poorly insulated?

If your home is poorly insulated you’ll be spending a lot of money heating your home for it to escape through your roof, floors and windows. Spray foam insulation is the quickest and most effective way of insulating your home and can reduce your home heating costs by up to 50% - find out more about spray foam insulation.